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Many of these PowerPoint presentations were given at/during our monthly meetings in 2015, 2014 and earlier. Click on the title below for a summary of the presentation and a link to the powerpoint file which may be downloaded. There are many powerpoints not indexed below; a final link goes to the listing of powerpoints without a review/summary. Most should download in a few seconds with a reasonably fast link.

Some meeting presentations - the associated powerpoints - are found on other sites on-line. These are linked with from the "Meeting Archives" - from each meeting summary. We'll get links added here later as we have time.

Biblical Astronomy 1
Or: What does the Bible say about Astronomy?

Presented by: Jim Hovis         April 15, 2014 ; and
on June 18, 2014; Two different presentations.

These PowerPoints discuss aspects of astronomy as supported by Biblical evidence.
Biblical Astronomy issues: What can we infer from the Bible regarding the universe: its shape, its properties and its size?

This - Part 1 - is a look at what the Bible seems to describe about the Universe and what has been going on since the Creation and how it contradicts the Evolutionary WorldView and the “Big Bang” theory.  This shows the expansion of the Firmament (or the “expanse” in Hebrew) and the Space-Time Continuum. Some problems are identified.  It also discusses the concept that the earth was originally the Center of the Universe and even as the earth is located in the Milky way Galaxy, it is still near the center. Evolution says that there is no such thing as a center of the whole Universe.

Link To: Biblical Astronomy - Part 1   - PPTX

Biblical Astronomy 2

Presented by: Kevin Clower        Date: September, 2014 ;

The Psalmist tells us that the heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork (Ps. 19:1). Simple reflections on the scale of the universe truly declare God's glory. The sizes of astronomical bodies and distances we observe in the cosmos are definitely beyond our ability to fathom, and declare that our God is a big God. But, is the sheer immensity of the universe all the Psalmist was eluding to? How else do the heavens declare God's Glory? What are the, signs and seasons of Genesis 1:14? This presentation will shed light on these topics, and give us a better understanding of how the heavens really declare God's glory.

Link To: Biblical Astronomy - Part 2   - PPT

Dinosaurs and Dragons: Did they co-exist with mankind?

Presenter: Jim Hovis             Date: January 04, 2015

Dinosaurs; When did they exist? What about Dragons?
Were they created at the same time as mankind? Why does all this matter?
Remember that screeching woman who asked, “What difference does it make?”
• The question is foundational and it is this:
– Do we believe the Bible literally or not? (Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise)
– Is Genesis Chapters 1-11 true or not? Do we believe Job 40-41, or not?
This talk shows the evidence that they are the same and lived not so long ago.

Link To: Dinosaurs   - PPTX

Young Earth / Old Earth Controversy

Presenter: Jim Hovis             Date: January 05, 2015

This presentation is a brief history of how the "Young Earth/Old Earth Controversy" came into being and about the individuals who had a large part in propagating the fallacy of an old earth. I (author) also tried to explain the “why” of their beliefs. This is the result of the “there is no God” movement that came out of the enlightenment or the age of reason as some prefer to call it.

Link To: Young / Old Earth Controversy   - PPTX

Creation and Evolution, what are the foundational issues?

Presenter: John Garth PhD             Date: February 18, 2014

This is a presentation that was given at Faith Bible Church by John Garth, retired educator and Physicist. The topic is the fundamental issues of the creation and evolution positions on science. What are the basic roots of each position? A comparison of the reasons given as to why each position is held by many people.

Dr. Garth states that it is (his) experience that most Christians (and others as well) have little understanding of what the argument is about or why creation is correct and evolution is false.

Link To: Foundational Issues of Creation   - PPTX

Human Genome Research: Creation

Presenter: Linda Walkup             Date: April 16, 2013

The presentation was given at the Creation Science Fellowship General Meeting. The subject is the human genome and what science and scientists in the field have to say about the subject. This is a good source for the practice of apologetics.
Tags: Biology, creation, DNA, genetics, human genone, research,

Link To: Human Genome-Research   - PPTX

Radiometric Dating

Presenter: Kevin Clower             Date: June 18, 2014

Does radio dating really prove that the earth is billions of years old? Do the various geochronometers agree with one another? What do the data really show us? This presentation explores these questions, and takes a careful look at the various dating methods.
Tags: Age, Bible, carbon-14, creation, dating, Earth, Genesis, geochemistry, geochronometer, origins, radio dating, Radioisotopes, science

Link To: Radiometric Dating   - ppt

Universe to Earth

Presenter: Jim Hovis,             Date: June 18, 2013

The subject is the "Scale of the Universe", from Galaxies to Grasshoppers and the questions that  must be asked concerning what the Creator must be capable of doing to know that nothing was created without Him and that nothing is missing in the whole Universe. Jim is a retired teacher, educator, physicist, Reliability Staff Engineer and amateur astronomer.

When we consider (looking up at) all the galaxies and all the stars, planets and other objects within them we get a very, very big number. Then, if we look the other way (down) and look at the very small things that are found on Earth, we get another very, very big number.  If we combine that number (multiply) with the number of objects in all galaxies, we get a number that defies understanding. How big is that number?  We can’t even guess, although we perhaps could “guesstimate”, with a low probability of accuracy.  In any way we look at it, if we reject evolution and accept a creator, what would it require of this creator?  Once again, it is mind-boggling and un-comprehensible.  All we can do is stand back, consider it all and then conclude that we know nothing and understand nothing. Science does not help us here. Neither does philosophy. How about theology?  I think that we have a problem here also; because we are told things, but we have to either accept it as true or not, based on the trustworthiness of the source. So what source do we have that can be completely trusted? You decide.  You might want to consult Psalm 8 and 19 from the Scriptures (Bible).

Download Universe to Earth  - PPTX

A Biblical Worldview Analyzed

Presenter: tbd             Date: April 10, 2014

This is an analysis of a Biblical Worldview (Defined), how it affects us (Application) and what could happen if the Worldview is not Biblical (Consequences).  The premise is based on the implications of Luke 16:29,31; John 5:46, 47.  If we do not believe what Moses wrote, how can we believe the rest of Scripture?  How does the Biblical Worldview stand up to the secular Worldview? Can we defend our Faith when challenged by the Evolutionary teachings? This was given at Victory Christian School, Albuquerque, NM on April 10, 2014.

Link to: Biblical Worldview Analyzed   - PPTX

Clockwork Universe

Presenter: tbd             Date: March 12, 2006

An analysis of a 360 day year and 30 day month for the early earth. Pre-flood, early Hebrew.

Link To: Clockwork Universe   - PPT

Does The Bible Allow an Old Earth Compact

Presenter: T. Hardin             Date: March 21, 2012

“Does the Bible allow for the option of an Old Earth (~4.5 Billion Years Old) and an Old Universe (~ 14.6 Billion Years Old)?   And Does It Really Matter?   Authority of the Word of God:  2 Timothy 3:16; Romans 15:4; 2 Peter 1:20-21; Proverbs 30:5-6;   Numbers 12:5-8;  John 3:12.  The presentation was made by T. Hardin, a Creation scientist in the Albuquerque area.  See also articles on “Evidences” for a young earth and Universe on this web site.  This Powerpoint file references the “Evidences”, so you may want to download that file also (not available).

Link To: Powerpoint PPTX

- missing .doc, .mp3

Debate Part 1: Big Bad theology and science debates

Presenter: Kent Powderly Jr.             Date: June 21 2011

This is a series of four presentations covering how a person's worldview affects their perceptions and thinking; and the resulting effects in their beliefs and practices.

 Big Bad Theology and Science Debates; "Unconscious Worldview Assumptions as Spiritual & Scientific Land Mines” Lecture 1 of 4

Link To: Debate Part 1: Big Bad Theology and Science   - PPTX

Summary: Since both worldviews, 'Evolution' and 'Creation Science', have their own bias, the question isn’t really about religion vs. science; it is about absolute truth. An ideology works structurally in the idea realm just like a religious dogma. We need to examine some of the ideologies of Greek and Roman times to understand to some degree how we got to this point in the 21st Century.

Link To: Breakdown of Knowing   - PPTX

This next presentation exposes “How a Faith-based Materialism Exploited Science”. These slides contain a short synopsis of the worldviews of each of these scientists and philosophers: Aristotle, Copernicus, Galileo, Bacon, Epicurus, Voltaire, Pascal, Newton, Hume, Rousseau, Hegel, Lyell, Kierkegaard, and finally Darwin.

Link To: How Do We Know in Part   - PPTX

This presentation is all about Nimrod (a builder, inventor, and hunter of men) and what the Bible and Archeology has to say about him and his attempts to rule in Mesopotamia.  It is an account of history, philosophy and the attempts of ancient man.

Link To: Footprints of Nimrod in the Ancient World   - PPTX


Link To: Age at death -   PPT

Nephilim, Goliath, and Post_Flood Big Guys

Presenter: Allen Johnson             Date: February 21, 2011

A discussion and analysis of giants in the earth in different historical periods, and their association with the accounts in Genesis and Numbers.  How big can a giant man be and still function efficiently?  What is the limit on size? Sometimes the word “Nephilim” (Fallen ones) is associated with giant men of great stature and there are Biblical accounts of giant warriors that opposed Israel. Allen  brings us a common sense look at the giants and their physical limitations.

Link To: Giants - PPT

Creation Science: 2012

Presenter: tbd             Date: September 2012

Summary. 2 Parts or 2 formats: ppt, pptx

Link To: Creation Science: 2012 Part 1: pptx          Link To: Creation Science: 2012 Part 2: ppt

“The Foundations and Implications of a Biblical Worldview”

Presenter: David Broersma              Date: June 20, 2012

Historical: -how and when this kind of thinking began; Philosophical: –how the basic categories of thought apply to worldviews & belief systems; Experiential: –how a worldview actually impacts life on a daily and practical basis; Biblical: –how the Bible relates to overall worldview considerations.

This is a presentation given at Faith Bible Church on June 19, 2012.  It traces the arguments for worldviews and how they form our understanding of our environment and especially how we can know which worldview is true.  A Systematic approach to the question of who and what are we, and who is the self-existent one who created us.

David received his academic and ministry training from Calvin College (73-74), Grand Rapids School of the Bible & Music (Bible, 77-79), Bryan College (B.A., Greek, 1981), Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M., Systematic Theology, 1985), and Cornerstone University (D.Min., Education/ Management, 2000).  Prior to coming to FBC he ministered for 12 years as the associate pastor of East Bay Calvary Church in Traverse City, Michigan.  He has also taught courses for the Dallas Seminary Lay Institute, Spring Arbor College (Traverse City, MI), Albuquerque Bible College, Chafer Theological Seminary, and in Moscow and Gubkin, Russia.   [office@faithbibleabq.org]

Link To: CSF Worldviews ppt


Presenter: Dr. Joseph Kezele MD, of the Arizona Origins Science Association         Date: February 21, 2012

Joseph Kezele, MD (AzOSA). This presentation is a critique and analysis of Darwin’s Evolution Theory and its subsequent teachings that have led to logical conclusions which resulted in a nation’s demise (Germany - WWII) and likewise now affects our United States Government and our society as well.

Link To: Darwin Dictatorship   - PPT


Presenter: tbd             Date: April 2009

Summary. Defense-of-the-Faith ppt and Defense-of-the-Faith 0409 pptx

Link To: Defense Of The Faith - PPT

Link To: Defense Of The Faith - PPTX

Science of Reliability

Presenter: Jim Hovis             Date: January 15, 2012

The following presentation is about the Engineering Discipline of the "Science of Reliability" as it relates to the fall of Adam and Eve and the operation of the world ever since.

Link To: Reliability in the Bible

End Times

Link To: End Times Presentation

Eugenics: The Dark Side of Darwinism

Presenter: Joe Renick             Date: May 15, 2012

In this presentation we trace the progress of Eugenics - the concept of improving the race of humankind through selective breeding - from its roots in Charles Darwin’s work “On the Origin of Species” to its first full conceptualization in his second book, “On the Descent of Man”.  As Darwin’s work became accepted in the academic world throughout Europe and North America in late 19th and early 20th centuries, so also were his ideas about Eugenics.     This talk explores the fallout of these concepts on the human race when implemented by evil men.

Joseph Renick, MS is the Executive Director, IDnet of New Mexico.

Link To: Eugenics   - PPT

Global Warming Charts

Presenter: Jim Hovis             Date: August 12, 2014

Charts assembled from the internet which show various global temperature profiles and ranges over the past few decades to centuries. These suggest that "warming" is not happening.

Link To: Global Warming Charts   - PPTX

March - CSF Astronomy and Biblical Issues 0310

Presenter: tbd             Date:

Link To: Astronomy and Biblical Issues 03/2010   - PPTX

Link To: Astronomy and Biblical Issues 03/2010   - PPT

C14 Dating Process

Presenter: tbd             Date: March 2004

Link To: C14 Dating Process   - PPT

Misc Map-Russian-Invasion

Presenter: tbd             Date: old

Link To: Map: Russian Invasion   - PPTX

RATE_2000: Age of the Earth 0300 - 2000

Presenter: tbd             Date: March 2000

Link To: Age of the Earth   - ppt

Evidences for Athiests

Link To: Evidences For Athiests   = PPTX

Sunspot data

Link To: Sunspot Data   = PPTX


            Date: April 2010

A Powerpoint presentation to accompany the speech and paper on Evidences for a Young Earth based on observations and measurements of earth and cosmology events.

Link To: YW Evidence